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You are THE MAN!!! I cannot thank you enough for the magnificent Italian Roast you gave me last week; it's truly unbelievable -- rich and smoky, but smooth. I use a relatively fine grind and bought a travel-mug just so I can bring it with me in the morning. I may even need to get a coffeemaker for my car…
Thanks again, -- you are TRULY an artist, and your Kong fu is strong! – Dave

I wanted to thank you. I have been enjoying the coffees. All three, Mocha Java, Kona, and Columbian Supremo have been very good. I usually order from Peet's and the Mocha Java compares well to what I get from them. I'm also impressed with the Columbian which is better than others that I have tried. I have about a half pound of the mocha java left and after that I would like to try the  
Ethiopian Yirgacheffee, the New Guinea, and maybe the Tanzanian. Thanks again, - Tom

“The Peruvian stuff is good. Send more.” -  Thanks, JP.

I just wanted you to know that we have been enjoying hour Kona coffee for the past several weeks.  It has been a real treat! All the best - Bill Agnew

You're a good man!  I won't get that service from Starbucks. - Bob L
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