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French Press
Grind whole beans right before brewing. By grinding just before brewing, the coffee will be the freshest

If you grind your beans, then make sure you match the grind with your brewer and tastes.  The finer the grind produces a stronger and sometimes more bitter taste to the coffee.  The coarser the grind produces a weaker and less flavorful taste of coffee.

If you have a French press ( you don't, you should go buy one), the easy steps are:
1. HEAT water to boil (or microwave).  This enables you to move onto step 2.
2. ADD coffee to empty French Press
3. POUR boiling into French Press.
4. STIR coffee and water.
5. PLACE top of French Press  -( called a plunger in the UK.) onto the container portion of the French Press
6. WAIT 3-4 minutes for the coffee to steep.
7. POUR into cup
8. Have an unbelievable coffee experience that costs you roughly 15-20 cents.

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